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Dr. Debi Lynes, Freudian Slipcovers
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March, 2024

In Any Point of our Life, We Always Have a Purpose


Every day we need to get involved in something, whether it be watching the news, calling friends, cooking or even doing a puzzle. It doesn't have to be complex or challenging.  It doesn't have to be tiresome or boring. What id does need to be is something that makes us happy!

Ask yourself, how can I be better day than yesterday? Can I walk a little longer than yesterday? Can I help my neighbors with anything? Should I clean a closet and donate what I don't need? Make it a simple question.

Then ask yourself what can I give today? Give to yourself or to someone else. Post a simple "HI" on your social media. Read to a child or visit a friend that may be housebound. We are all social bodies, we need that connection whether through media or in-person. Even a phone call to a long-lost friend or family can make everyone smile...

The third question to ask yourself, how can I LIVE today? Will you spend the day in stress or will it be fun and exciting? Everyone knows how much I hate Mondays (ugh) and even though I wish Mondays didn't belong on a calendar I ear-marked this day to doing something new. A new place to shop or eat lunch, start a new journal, watch a new series or learn a new word. Just something I have never done before and trust me sometimes I have to convince myself to be brave.

Try to identify your emotions and use more than "OKAY" or "GOOD" when asked how you are doing or about your day. Try using more than one-word answers and say "I'm FABULOUS and thanks for asking". It could be fun to use more than just the sad or smiling emojis too!

Remember we don't know when our paths will end but have a PURPOSE every day and if you hit that crossroad just...